Redefining Customer & Metering



Redefining Customer & Metering


In CIS Implementation

We are your extended arm streamlining and optimizing every step of CIS (Customer Information System) implementations. Expert consultants engage with outlining the components and utility modernization – necessary for custom client projects. From current environment analysis to installation framework to phased implementation – we simplify all.


CIS Implementation

With an excellent delivery record of over 3 decades in the Utilities Domain, we provide services to diverse industries, realizing their smart metering requirements. Our team has in-depth expertise in CIS(Customer Information Systems) and can be a technology provider for CIS implementation. depending on your requirements, size, and budget. Our implementation takes full advantage of the AMI systems to streamline the CIS processes, thereby improving the bottom-line.

  • Customer Care and Billing Systems
  • Work and Asset Management
  • Community Solar Programs
  • Alerts & Notification Preferences
  • Self Service Web & Mobile Applications

We differentiate with in-depth experience in system integration, solution architecture, application development, application support of customer care, and billing systems in the utilities area. We are among the few with experience in developing a large (scalable for 2 million+ retail customers) customer care and billing system in-house. Our expertise in managing IT requirements for all subsystems of customer care and billing include:

»   Customer relationship management
»   Billing

»   Collections
»   Offerings (Rates)
»   Sites and Services Management

We offer Program management, application development, system integration, consulting, quality assurance in Work and Asset management area. Our expertise include:

»   Mobile field force management applications
»   Asset management applications

»   Smart grid operations management
»   Reengineering and modernization of system operations

Customer co-generation programs using renewable sources is a leading trend in Electrical utilities domain. We offer a wide variety of services in this area including:

»   Program design and Program management
»   System integration
»   Application development

»   Quality assurance
»   Deployment and post deployment support
»   Integration with smart grid / other applications

Customer communication preferences can be established (either email, text, or voice) for various alerts and notices generated for bills, payments, outage and usage. Alerts, notification, and program enrollments save time and money for both customers as well as utilities.

During power outage an e-mail, text or push notification confirming the outage and the expected time of restoration – these help utilities building customer trust in overall customer service.

Notifications help utilities to drive customers towards self-service tools, reduce call volume, and shorten call handle times and improve customer satisfaction.

We offer a wide variety of services in this area including:

»   Enhance existing CIS system to accommodate alerts and preferences
»   Program management
»  Extend availability and maintenance of alerts and notifications on self-service web 

»   Quality Assurance
»   Deployment and post-deployment support
»   Integration on mobile App

Self-service applications have become essential to modern CIS systems. Customers can simply log in to a web or a mobile app to perform online transactions, fetch reports, open a trouble ticket or make requests. Self-service apps keep the customers happier because they don’t have to wait for finding answers to their concerns. At the same time, the productivity of the CIS staff of the utility industry can be more utilized towards productivity.

TekGeminus has extensive experience in the development of end-to-end self-service portal including asynchronous web clients, web services, ESB configuration for the appropriate backend calls. Our deliveries include:

»  UI/UX wireframes for the client app
»  Component oriented client architecture
»  Responsive and single-page app (SPA)

»  Web services
»  Domain expertise in identifying the most suitable self-solution solution with an appropriate technology stack


• A comprehensive, but non complicated dashboard showing High-level usage graph

Pending bill amount with a single        click payment option

Alerts and Subscription

• Quick link for reporting outage
• Dynamic notification area for prominently displaying emergency notifications

Energy Usage Graphs

• Periodic graphs with up to 2-years usage view for the selected site

• Multiple site usage view

• Usage up to the granularity of daily graphs for smart meters

• Downloadable and exportable usage data

Projected Bills

• Pay bill
• Pay multiple bills in a single go
• Multiple payment interfaces including debit/credit cards and banks
• Schedule a bill for payment
• Enroll in autopay
• View billing and payment history with historical bills download option
• Request due-date extension

Report Outage

• Outage maps for indicating the outages already known to the company
• Quick outage reporting experience
• Latest status report on the reported outage with ETA
• Online connect/disconnect/reconnect
• Online new connection/disconnection request
• Quick and easy reconnection on paying online bill
• Move connection from one site to another


• Choose an appropriate payment plan

• Move among available plans

Contact Us

• Open and track trouble tickets

• Provide feedback


Highlighting Our Proven Capabilities

»  End-to-end implementation of CIS or CSS for several energy partners shaping the energy market.

»  Understanding customer budget and requirements to define the scope of integrating AMI into CIS.

»  Working closely with the AMI vendor for design and development of relevant sub-systems core to CIS.

»  Leveraging technology stacks that suit the customer’s requirements.

»  Designing a robust service/module in the CIS integration process so that the concerned Business Processes can be re-entrant.

»  Providing timely application support and maintenance based on the feedback received from the customer/AMI vendor.


Existing CIS System

If you are in need, ITS has the expertise in understanding your existing CIS architecture, porting the system to achieve scalability and robustness. Due to our profound experience in developing CIS from scratch, we ensure speedy development of system-specific CIS modules and seamless integration in your existing CIS.

Development of self-service web applications and integrating with mobile. 

Redesigning CIS architecture

Application Development and Enterprise application integration

System and module level integration


Customer-based Billing System

ITS is here to help you with that task. With our proven 25+ years track record of delivering end-to-end CIS systems and as a ‘Systems Integrator’ for Smart Grid applications, we can help migrate to next-generation CIS system scalable with Smart Metering.

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